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As if I needed another reason to think Daniel Tosh wasn’t funny. That headline just speaks for itself.

What disturbs me a lot about the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown situation is that it’s a polarizing one. How can this be polarizing? How can anybody be on Chris Brown’s side except for maybe his mother? And how can fans defend him for this act? If you’re a fan of his music, fine, whatever, the guy […]

This goes in my book as one of the weirdest robberies I’ve ever seen caught on camera. Both people are so calm and articulate about what each would rather have happen in the situation. In the end, the guy with the gun “wins” this particular round and I wonder if the police ever caught up […]


So Starbucks apologized to me for that Election Day stupidness by giving me coupons for 2 free cups of coffee of any size. Pretty neat, I guess. The cards are big and they don’t exactly fit into my wallet which means that I’ll probably forget to use them because they’ll be sitting on my desk. […]