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Sunrise, my all-time favorite calendar app that started on iOS, has made the jump to an actual dedicated desktop app for Mac. It’s free. And you should use it. Previously, Sunrise was only available as a web-based app.


I just found this beautiful flight tracking app called Just Landed over at Beautiful Pixels. It’s a super-simple flight tracker for flights in the US that tells you if a flight has landed and at what gate you should expect them to come out from. Functional and gorgeous. Those are the apps I like. Get […]

Geometric Porn is an interesting app developed for the iPhone that was rejected by Apple’s App Store due to objectionable and obscene content despite not being anything but simple shapes. Pretty genius if you ask me. [via]

Sparrow is now available for the iPhone and although I haven’t used it just yet, it looks like it’s a good contender for the regular Mail app on the iPhone. Looking forward to testing this out.


Today is a good day because Final Cut Pro X just got released in the App Store. Should be fun to poke around with…