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This is neat. Using an app called SimpleBooth, you can use an iPad (or an iPhone) to create a simple PhotoBooth on the fly. With an AirPrint-capable printer, this is sure to be a lot of fun.


I have used the Sunrise calendar app on my iPhone exclusively for all calendar-related operations and now I am so stoked that the Sunrise calendar is making its way to the desktop (and to Android devices too). It’s the social media calendar app that does it all and syncs effortlessly with Google Calendar. No problems […]

I’m more of a Dropbox user myself, but I’m hoping that this incredibly storage deal from Box will somehow push Dropbox to give at least that much amount of space to users for free. Here’s hoping…PLEASE…please…

This app should have been made 10 years ago. Seriously, what took them so long? Get it with the link below!