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This is a great site to bookmark if you need a quick and interactive guide to application shortcuts. Supported applications are Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, and Sublime Text. Shortcuts are shown for Windows, Mac, and Linux! Really useful site!


This isn’t normally the default setting for Photoshop, but if you want to work like I do, you can go to the Window menu in Photoshop and check Application Frame and enjoy a slightly reduced workspace with a more cohesive look. I much prefer working this way (the perks of self-employment!). It’s less stress on […]

Interesting…I didn’t know regular folk like me could apply for NASA’s Astronaut Candidate Program. They are taking applicants for 2013!

Interesting…you can do Twixtor-like slow-motion using Apple Motion. Gonna try this out!

I’m done reading the complaints about Final Cut Pro X (most of which have nothing to do with me because they are based on missing “pro” features — obviously I am not making feature-length movies with Final Cut X). Anyway, that was a messy sentence. What I meant to write initially was that I really […]

OMG. From a video editor’s perspective, this single piece of software is going to make life so much more enjoyable and quicker. Here’s video of just about the entire Final Cut Pro X presentation given last night at NAB. It shows the great new features in Final Cut Pro X along with a demonstration of […]