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Look at this. It’s a truck that has a curved top to allow for easy building of an archway structure at an incredible pace. If you want to see how this company builds arches without this truck, look at the video after the jump.


The Kaari Table is a coffee table made out a single piece of Birch plywood which curves underneath it to form an arch for support. It’s made by┬áJohani Horelli.

Varavon Slidecam Arc 2013 from VARAVON on Vimeo. Look at this! An arched glidetrack system for DSLRs!

You can blame Tulsa’s high winds. MUTEMATH was apparently setting up their portion of the set when this occurred.


I like this photo by Michael Blamey of a slightly leaning arch in Melbourne. Anybody know the name of this thing? It’s near a DFO…but not the DFO I worked at.