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A great video on how some people are choosing to live in Detroit and revitalize its historic architecture rather than see it torn down because of blight. I love this, mainly because I’ve always thought that Detroit held some of the nation’s best looking buildings. Sure, a lot of them have fallen into ruin, but […]

Haha, I like this video. Victor Enrich turned an otherwise unassuming hotel lot in Munich into 88 wacky reimaginings. Some practical, but mostly impossible and crazy.

Check out this time-lapse video of the 1945 house/art project by Jean Prouvé that shows the assembly of a pre-fab house.

Time Out NY just posted this time-lapse video of 4 WTC being built from the ground up from 2009-2013. The building is the first of the WTC complex to open for occupants and is, in my opinion, the most beautiful building in the entire planned site.

4 WTC is my favorite building in the entire new WTC site. The fact that it “disappears” into the skyline is so much cooler visually than the Freedom Tower. So many hidden little architectural features in this building.

This is a video about the battle between Northwestern University developers and architecture fans in the city of Chicago. The building in question is Betrand Goldberg’s