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In 2005, National Geographic photographer James Balog set up at least 25 still cameras to capture photos and time-lapses of the changing and melting Arctic ice. The cameras and crew were put in some of the harshest conditions on earth in an attempt to capture the earth as it changed before our very eyes. Looks […]

Whoa, check out this video Neatorama posted of a natural phenomenon known as a “Brinicle” forming under water. As the Brinicle reaches the sea floor, it encases several starfish in a tomb of ice. It’s fast-forwarded in the video above. Freaky!

TWBE posted this video from BBC One’s Human Planet of a couple of ice fishers in the arctic accidentally catching an arctic shark. The shark somehow got itself tangled in the fishing line, but it looks like it just gave up without much of a fight. It’s like it wanted to be pulled out of […]


Photo: Earl Wilson/NYT This is how cold it was in NYC today…even the Subways had icicles. [via]

Here’s a video of 5 world-class surfers braving the Arctic cold and surfing in the Arctic Circle. The location they filmed at is only a few thousand kilometers from the North Pole and you can bet that it’s freezing there. Be sure to watch the video for some amazing scenery shots and some incredible surfing […]

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Photographer Iain D. Williams was on assignment in the Canadian Arctic where he grabbed shots of a male polar bear killing and cannibalizing his cub. He notes: On one day we observed a male polar bear feeding upon what appeared to be some type of carrion – perhaps a seal or a other small animal.  […]