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Real and very big problems on the set of American Idol (a joke of a show nowadays) as Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey go at it in this clip leaked to the masses. Maybe a good revitalization for the show itself? Who knows.

BoingBoing posted this video of a couple filming their angry neighbors. Something about a fence or something. Or something about big balls and child molesting. I dunno — mostly babbling. I just know the neighbor is angry and it’s really funny.

In an odd reversal of power roles, Darth Vader (or rather, a man dressed as Darth Vader for some reason) was given a parking ticket and tried to argue his way out of it only to be snubbed by the cop. Doesn’t Darth Vader know that once a ticket is written it’s written forever?


This is really awkward. In an impromptu “interview” at LAX, Shepard Fairey and his wife got into a small tiff about whether Shepard Fairey still goes out and posts his own artwork. Isn’t it common knowledge by now that Shepard Fairey doesn’t do a whole lot of his own work on his own anymore? Yikes, […]

PUBLIC SCHOOL is right, this might be the best Monopoly game dispute ever! Look how heated this guy gets! I’m pretty sure that any level of fun in this particular game has absolutely gone out the window at this point.