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The two words “Monty Python” should tell you automatically that this video is going to be good! [via]

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The Art of Argument from Bryan Villagonzalo on Vimeo. Bryan Villagonzalo took one of my favorite dialog scenes in recent film and made a kinetic type video out of it. For those who are curious, this scene is from the movie Thank You For Smoking. The Art of Argument from Bryan Villagonzalo on Vimeo. Also, […]

PUBLIC SCHOOL is right, this might be the best Monopoly game dispute ever! Look how heated this guy gets! I’m pretty sure that any level of fun in this particular game has absolutely gone out the window at this point.

What in the world is wrong with people?! Apparently, ANIMAL discovered this video of a crazy girl jumping onto the subway tracks at 125th Street and begging a train to hit her. From what the video description says, the girl was in an argument and decided that jumping onto the tracks would solve things. Uh…come […]


We are currently about 8 days away from the Presidential election and news is popping up all over the place that suggests the McCain-Palin duo aren’t as happy as they seem. Some McCain aids are even describing Palin as “going rogue“, citing an incident at a recent rally in Florida where she addressed the issue […]