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Finally, Cost Plust World Market is selling those delicious Arnott’s Tim Tam biscuits in packs of 6 online. Since forever, you could go into a World Market and pick them up individually, but if you didn’t live near one, Tim Tams and their flavor varieties were harder to come by. Now, you can get them […]

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Yesterday was a good day. I stumbled across this store in the LA area that sold authentic Arnott’s Tim Tams straight imported from Australia. And unlike other websites and stores selling Arnott’s Tim Tams (not the American-version Pepperidge Farms ones), these didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Just $3.99, nearly the same as the […]


The last case of American Tim Tams is up for auction on eBay and it is personally signed by Australian actor Hugh Jackman. As some of you may know, Tim Tam cookies were available for a limited time in the US exclusively at Target stores from November 2008 to March 2009 (it was distributed by […]


Photo: Charlie Brewer It’s Tim Tam madness on Doobybrain.com this week! News.com.au (I miss typing that) has a 45-page gallery (meaning, 45 images, paginated…) of the Arnott’s Tim Tam factory and it is amazing to see just how these chocolate treats get created. If you really can’t stand the pagination, you can install this updated […]


Arnott’s is sharing their famous Tim Tam recipe with their US sister-company Pepperidge Farm in hopes of getting Americans to love the chocolate cookie that Australians have been all over for the past 40 years. The Tim Tam packs in regular chocolate and caramel are to be sold exclusively at Target beginning November 2008 until […]