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X-Net Non-Lethal Vehicle Arrest System

This is essentially another form of the spike strip deployed by numerous police agencies worldwide to stop fleeing vehicles. This one called the X-Net employs a series of small spikes on a net that wrap around the wheels of a car and physically prevent the wheels from spinning. Normal spike strips only slowly deflate tires […]

This is absolutely deplorable and unacceptable behavior from the NYPD. A kid named Alvin managed to record audio of an incident in which he was stopped by NYPD and frisked quite abusively for no reason other than he was looking at the cops behind him. Despicable. The police are supposed to help, not instill fear […]

I know this video is very one-sided, but man, if this is true, this is the most blatant overuse of power I’ve ever heard.

THIS BE CRAY CRAY. [via] Also interesting to note from the video: Plainclothes NYPD now wear orange bands to distinguish themselves.


This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Deadspin posted these mugshots of Carlos Sosa, a man arrested in Miami for soliciting a prostitute. He’s got half of a head. If you’re at all curious, here’s one more headshot of the same man from an earlier arrest.