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Ross Harrison directed this great video profile on a man named Balan who creates blow pipes by hand, complete with poison tips. According to the video description, he is the last person in his tribe to do such a craft, which unfortunately means that with his death will come the end of this hand-made weapon.

Using large-scale projections as his template, graffiti artist ABOVE paints the Origin Wines headquarters building in Cape Town, South Africa with the phrase “WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN”. Fantastic work as always from ABOVE.

Caltech physicist Sean Carroll explains how time passes and how we organize precise moments in history. Complicated. [via]


Norman shared this image of a very creative advertisement for McDonald’s created by DDB Denmark.


Steve Lambert has a small side project called Arrow Sign in Los Angeles where he places a large sign with an improvised message into random scenes in LA. The picture above is from this set and it’s called “Sand Ocean Sky – The Commons”.