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First time I’m hearing about Bruce Munro’s light work and this installation called Field of Light looks amazing. About 20,000 lights stuck into a field and shining just enough to create an incredible ambient glow.


I love this small online collection of menu art “rescued from obscurity” over at Cool Culinaria. Lots of vintage visual inspiration some of which you can buy as clothing. You can keep up with their updates by following their blog.

NSFW: Nutella Girl (performance art)

Remember peanut butter man? Well, thanks to BoingBoing, I now know about Nutella Girl. This is truly some bizarre performance art.


Matthew Frost’s parody of every fashion film in recent existence is funny. It stars Lizzy Caplan and believe it or not, the film is actually made for Viva Vena! Still funny though even if its poking fun at its own genre.

◥ BEATS, BITS, ATOMS from ◥ panGenerator on Vimeo. This is really neat. Fast Co. wrote an article about robots making art and highlighted this video from panGenerator.