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NBC New York has a follow-up to the famous Fortune magazine cover image of a man named Edward Fine who was photographed covered in ash from the September 11th attacks. The image of himself wearing a grey suit with a piece of cloth held over his mouth is one of several iconic photographs that define […]

I’m not sure what this diver hopes to achieve by diving into this moving body of water covered completely in volcanic ash spewing from the Puyehue Volcano in Chile. What a visually jarring scene though, no?


Photojojo is now selling this gorgeous Expedition Tripod made out of sturdy ash wood for $290. The tripod is made in Germany and has stayed pretty much the same for 100 years (at least according to the description). And if you’re worried about what it can hold, just know that it can hold up to […]

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Photo: Marco Fulle APOD just posted an amazing photo by Marco Fulle showing several lightning bolts illuminating the sky and the ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Southern Iceland. Thanks Keir!


Photo: OMAR OSKARSSON/AFP/Getty Images If you want to see more photos of how this volcano eruption has ground a lot of European life to a halt, check out The Frame and Captured.