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http://www.formspring.me/doobybrain If you’ve been following me on Twitter today, you’ll know that I’ve been fielding some questions from readers on just about anything using the new formspring account I made for Doobybrain. You can use the embedded form above (you might not see it in RSS readers) or you can visit this link to ask […]

Corey linked this video from Ignantwitted that gives us all a clear cut example of what not to ask a Subway performer. I love how cool she was about it. Most girls I know would have kicked this guy in the nuts.


I got a parking ticket on New Year’s Eve because I thought it was Saturday since there were no cars on my street. It was a stupid mistake, but a mistake nonetheless that would cause me to be on the receiving end of a $115 fine. I’ve gotten parking tickets before so I knew the […]