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Ford cut up a 2015 Ford Mustang and moved it piece by piece to the top of the Empire State Building and then proceeded to assemble it back together in about 5 hours. It’s not quite a drivable car, but who cares because you can’t drive it up there anyway.

This is perfection. Nomos-Glashütte released this video showing just how precise their watchmakers must be day to day when assembling their timepieces.

As far as bike assembly videos go (there’s more of them than you think) this probably wins for best presentation.


Not really my cup of tea when it comes to photography, but I’ll admit that there’s something sort of neat about watching an over-priced $7000 Leica M9 being taken apart and put back together again. [via] Watch the 2-part video below.

This video is pretty insane. These military folks can take apart a Jeep Jimmy AS and then put it back together again in working condition in under 2 minutes. I’m assuming this is useful for storing and dropping troops and supplies in rough terrain…?