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To commemorate the 110 years of Cadillac being a luxury car brand, Assouline is releasing this amazing title called Cadillac: 110 Years with exclusive images and behind the scenes look at the American car company. If you pre-order it now, you can get it for $45 instead of $75. Just look at that cover!


Being released later this month, Assouline’s The Ivy League by Christine Dell’Amore is a quintessential look at Ivy League schools in America and how they play a huge part in shaping popular culture, politics, and even fashion.


Available now for pre-order from Assouline, American Beauty is a book by former Vogue photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank which features portraits of iconic American women. Can’t wait to check this one out!


A new and big book from Assouline called The Impossible Collection of Cars: The 100 Most Exceptional Cars of the Twentieth Century is now available for pre-order. Much like the vehicles showcased in this volume, the book comes with a premium price tag of $650. So if you’ve got the big bucks, order up now […]


This coming May, Assouline is publishing a book simply called Coca-Cola that chronicles 125 years of the Coca-Cola brand invading cultures worldwide through movies, photographs, paintings, artworks, collaborations, sports, and of course food pairings. From what it sounds like, this 220-page book really does seem to be the all-inclusive guide to a company that is […]