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Curbed Detroit has posted a list of architectural wonders and gems in Detroit that are in risk of being razed, torn down, or lost due to improper maintenance and general disrepair and negligence. The map lists such prominent places as the Packard Plant, Belle Isle, Michigan Central Station, and the Alfred Street Houses among others. […]

Stillmotion’s first Share project centers around the Old Skool Cafe in San Francisco, a place where at-risk youth can find their way out of troubling neighborhoods and find a path to success. The place is founded by Teresa Goines who was once a prison guard and saw potential in youth but saw no way for […]

Inner City Polo League from John Carl on Vimeo. Here’s another video from The Duck Duck Collective’s 30-day trip to 30 cities. This one is from Philadelphia, PA at a polo sport league for inner-city and at-risk youth that uses horses as a vehicle to teach young kids good citizenship and responsibility.