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Whatever agency came up with these brilliant AT&T ads needs to win something. This is so good.


I’ve been using this new app on my iPhone called SpeedSpot which allows me to find and share WiFi connections around me. It’s great for traveling. Anyway, so I was checking out SpeedSpot’s blog and I came across this interesting post about Starbucks switching over their stores from AT&T WiFi to Google WiFi and how […]


Check out these amazing photos of the Bell Labs Holmdel Complex in New Jersey taken by Rob Dobi. It looks like these images were taken late last year or early this year, sometime after Somerset Development purchased the lot. Future plans see the complex as a mixed-use space. I’d love to venture out there to […]


I can’t quite pinpoint the year this was taken, but I had no idea that the ugly Verizon building in Manhattan used to belong to AT&T. Weird!

Werner Herzog made this film for AT&T to discourage texting and driving. It’s a split-second decision that could mean life and death (or paralysis) for not only you but for those on the road ahead of you as well. This short includes several stories from real people who were directly affected by texting and driving, […]