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Polish architects Irek Glowacki and Marek Rozhanski have built an upside-down house in Austria that includes all amenities for those who like to live life in the other dimension. Super trippy video. [via]

If I ever go to Austria, I am making it a point to go ride the Mieders Alpine Coaster, a single-seat user-controlled “rollercoaster” with a lever to serve as a brake. A cable-car brings you up to the top and you come down on a very, very long and curvy track. [via] This looks like […]

In Austria, there lies the Green Lake, a grassy meadow that becomes flooded in the Spring and Summer from melting ice. In the video above, you’ll see several divers going into the now-submerged meadow with benches, signs, and everything else intact. The water is said to be crystal clear. I want to go! [via]