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I wouldn’t mind one of these in my own house to clean my wood floors. The Vileda Virobi isn’t an actual released product yet, so until I see a working product, I can’t vouch for why you would want this over a Roomba (except maybe that it’s quieter?).

Autonomous bicycles get up and go in this prelude for the Ride Sydney Experiment. Scary or cool? I say cool.

Remember back in October when I posted a video of one of Google’s autonomous Toyota Prius vehicles on the road? Well, here’s another couple of videos of Google’s computer-driven Prius gunning it on this closed course on top of a parking garage. It’s going fast and it’s not making a single mistake. I can’t wait […]

Check out this awesome video of the US Navy’s X-47B unmanned stealth fighter. The completely autonomous machine can take off and land on its own and is said to be able to refuel in mid-air with no trouble. Fly forever? That’s ok with this fighter jet! [via]

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Last week, Google announced that they’ve been testing a fleet of autonomous vehicles that can drive themselves with little to no human interference whatsoever. The project by Google and members of several winning DARPA Challengers has already amassed quite a bit of mileage under their belt with just one minor accident to date (their car […]

Check out University of Pennsylvania’s autonomous quadrotor flying robot (a project of their GRASP lab). It looks like you can basically launch it any which way you want and the robot will find itself upright and flying within seconds. It’s tiny and has incredible maneuvering capabilities. You gotta see the video! Thanks Nirmal!