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WNYC posts this video of a demo unit of an airport avatar that will soon make its way to NYC airports. The avatars are unfortunately not interactive and will only spit out pre-recorded information (or ads) at LaGuardia, JFK and Liberty Newark airports in early July. This sounds like a terrible idea. Why not go […]

Avatar Days from Piranha Bar on Vimeo. Avatar Days is a short film about 4 online game players from Dublin and their respective avatars in the gaming world. The film takes the avatars and places them in real-world situations with the players’ commentary in the background. A very nicely done piece for Darklight Festival’s ’4 […]

I was very reluctant to watch this two-part review of Avatar at first because of the length of the review (about 18 minutes!), but after taking some time out tonight to sit through it all, I’m really glad I did. It is one of the funniest and most visually captivating movie reviews I’ve listened to […]


If the image above from Gawker is to be believed, then folks, there’s your cut sex scene from AVATAR! ROFL ROFL.