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This is neat. Pixar’s Andrew Stanton gave a TED TALK back in 2012 about storytelling and Google used portions of it to create the ad above which aired at the end of the 2014 Academy Awards/Oscars.


You may have seen these posters around right before the 85th Annual Academy Awards. The poster depicts the previous 85 winners of the Best Picture award at the Oscars with each statue showing a representation of those winning films. The poster was designed by Olly Moss. Click inside to see a close-up!

Photo: Berta Vicente

Amazing photo set from In Focus on the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards.

Brilliant work by FPO to use UV sandpaper varnish against a satin-ish paper stock to bring theĀ [highlight_orange]feel[/highlight_orange] of different paper stocks to their cover image. Check out the video to hear the difference.