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Kid President is coming out with a book in February 2015! You can pre-order the book now using the link below! BUY HERE: Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome


Whoa. How come nobody told me about this? The Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum has digitized approximately 75% of their collection and it’s mostly available for free viewing online. The best thing is┬áthat every piece seems to be labeled and categorized really efficiently. Every category, type, and color is linked so browsing can take […]

Wow, this man invented a machine that perfectly dispenses different amounts of ingredients for individual cookies so that he can try different mixtures of ingredients to decide what cookie he likes best. BOSS.

My friend Ale snapped a photo of a Spongebob Squarepants USPS mailbox in NYC and it got me thinking — is this a special one-off piece or is this a larger project? It turns out that it’s an official project by the USPS to try and get kids to write more letters! I for one […]

Elevation Church made this video for Mother’s Day this past year and it shows a select group of mother’s talking about their failures as a parent…and then showing their childrens’ perspective on their parenting.