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My dad circa 2004 when we all went on vacation in Hawaii!


I got a notification on my phone today that made me laugh. The entire Yung family is now officially on Facebook. My dad’s profile picture is awesome.


So Andrew hooked me up with a 3sixteen Monsoon Jacket today and I’m really loving it. It fits well, looks great, and is the perfect jacket for this odd transitional weather (where it’s not hot and it’s not quite cold). I love the high collars, the many pockets, and overall, I’m honestly going to say […]


Click to see full size So I’m hanging out with my dad today (my parents are here in Melbourne visiting) and somehow I got to talking with him about his life in Hong Kong before he moved to the United States. Out of curiosity, I ask my dad if he knows what Kowloon Walled City […]