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You know the Mattel Hover Board right? The cheaply made plastic movie prop replica inspired by the toy in Back To The Future? Well, it was stupid expensive when it became a real product you could buy a few years back. But now a company is selling the exact same thing, minus the “Mattel” mark, […]

This is incredible. There’s a Kickstarter campaign going right now to fund a Back To The Future documentary. The documentary seems very legit, with interviews with Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Lloyd, Bob Gale, Lea Thompson, Alan Silvestri, and many more.


It’s 2015, which means that the future is right now. At least according to Back To The Future. And other than the Hoverboard, what better tech represents the future from the movies as Nike’s self-lacing shoes that Marty McFly wears. The so-called Nike MAG is supposedly being released this coming year, according to Nike designer […]

Here’s a review of a 1991 McDonald’s Happy Meal toy set featuring Back To The Future toys. I don’t remember much about these toys (or the set), but I do remember playing with that weird push-down car.