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Photo: David Allee In an effort not to make yet another boring backyard pool in Santa Monica, CA, architect Padraic Cassidy took the usual pool plans and tossed them out the window. Instead, he elevated this pool 30 inches off the ground and fit it into a relatively small plot of land that already had […]

I’ve been enjoying Stephen Diaz’s videos lately and this new one filmed in his new backyard is pretty outstanding. The shots are superb and the fluid movement of the camera makes me wonder what setup he’s using. Great slow-motion shots too!

Maybe listening to an old man ramble on for 9 minutes about UFO’s and their true existence isn’t your thing, but if it is, then be sure to hit play on the video above where you can hear Jody Pendarvis of Bowman, SC describe the homemade UFO he erected in his backyard. He’s got stories […]