Tag: bacteria

In this demonstration, a bacterial culture known as Pseudomonas syringae (honestly, I’m not sure if I’m using that term correctly in the sentence) is dipped into a glass of water and instantly cools it down to -6 C, turning the water into ice in seconds.

Using bioluminescent bacteria, Dr. Edie Widder has made pollution that is relatively invisible to the naked eye visible to us. This is valuable to see just how polluted waterways are as you’ll see in the video above where she takes a sample and shows dead spots in the bioluminescent bacteria.

Directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman for Sweet Fern Productions, this video uses paper puppets to show how a dead whale ends up balancing out the ocean’s ecosystem with plenty of food for all marine life.

Warner Bros. created 2 gigantic petri dishes and filled it with fungi and bacteria to grow this viral ad for the film Contagion (which I hear is pretty good). I want to go see it!