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Jared just tipped me off to the upcoming release of the “Bad Girls” remixes from M.I.A. on July 3rd. The Remixes will come on a gold BMW car key necklace. Head on over here to hear one of the remixes. Awesome.

This is probably the most interesting behind the scenes video I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth the time out of your day. Trust me. [via]

M.I.A.’s latest music video for “Bad Girls” features features the incredibly odd sport of Hajwalah (sometimes known as Tafheet) which includes drifting a relatively common car on open roads somewhere in the Middle East. If you want to see Hajwalah in action, watch this video.

This is the latest single from M.I.A.! Listen to it above (or on Pitchfork where it debuted). The music video for this single will be released this Fri. Excited!


Mario just sent over some info about M.I.A.’s next single entitled “Bad Girls” which will be exclusively released via Pitchfork this coming Monday (30th). The music video will debut a few days later on Friday, February 3rd. Looking forward to hearing this new track!