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OMG. What the hell is this? This reminds me of Friday and Courtney Stodden.


I’ve talked about this situation before about how utterly insane it makes me to be on the same road as some drivers here in California. I can’t stand the slow merges, the huge gaps between parking spaces (although I understand this is required by law due to floor markings), and the rubbernecking. There’s actually an […]

Look at this video filmed on a potato. Could have been great, but because of potato-cam, it’s stupid.

I’ve done this and have had this done to me before. It always feels terrible no matter what side you’re on.


Not sure who was responsible for this, but somebody at Sony Pictures decided that the Photoshop work on this After Earth Decay website (related to the movie After Earth) was good enough to publish online. I assure you, it’s a terrible Photoshop job of what buildings and places would look like if we left them […]