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Ok Go’s latest music video for their song “I Won’t Let You Down” is an amazing show of Honda’s self-balancing unicycle. I want one of these so bad. Their album Hungry Ghosts is really good (I think it’s better than their last). You should grab it here!

Wow, this is the coolest thing ever! When will this tech trickle down to consumer level? I really want this on my desk!

I like art like this. Jacob Tonski installed this 170-year-old couch in a gallery space and made it seem as if it was balancing on one leg. How? He used a technology called a reaction wheel that NASA uses in space to orientate satellites. The reaction wheel counter-rotates an object and keeps it pointing in […]


So apparently near Serbia in the Drina River, there is a house that has been sitting on top of a large boulder/rock for about 45 years. The story is that a group of swimmers needed a place to rest one summer in 1968 and began laying planks of wood over the rock. One thing led […]