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At first I was watching the video thinking that I was seeing the aftermath of the landslide. And then, suddenly and out of nowhere, the ground falls and those poor cars fall right into that hole. Pretty insane.

Vacant View is an inspirational documentary that shows the creative and innovative ways street artists, activists and community members utilize their available resources with the hopes to draw attention to the vacant housing epidemic in Baltimore.

Some of the scenes from this New York Times piece are from the 12 O’Clock Boys documentary.


Here’s the trailer for Lotfy Nathan’s documentary about the 12 O’Clock Boys, a dirt bike gang notorious in a dangerous part of Baltimore. The documentary focuses on one particular 13-year-old boy who strives to become a part of this gang. The documentary is raising some funding on Kickstarter with 4 more days to go. Help […]

I love these candid videos that The White House is uploading. It really gives you a sense that the President — no matter how important he is — is still a regular guy like you and I. Here he is congratulating John Harbaugh on winning Super Bowl XLVII.