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This is a pretty neat bike on Kickstarter called the Semester Bicycle. It’s made in Greensboro, AL and features a carbon fiber core wrapped in strong hex-shaped bamboo. It’s a single-speed bike that all together will cost $799 (complete bike) or you can buy just the frame for $399. Check it out here.

So according to the YouTube video description, this is what happens when two bamboo train cars meet on the single narrow-gauge train track: These trains run through the countryside around Battambang in Cambodia. They are an incredibly simple design and as the name suggest are made of a considerable amount of bamboo, which gives great […]


Amazing! The Humble Velocipede just got full funded on Kickstarter. It’s a bamboo walking toy similar to that kinetic wind energy beach sculpture I posted earlier from Theo Jansen. Watch the video to see how this specially made crankshaft powers the entire machine and allows it to walk as fluidly as a human. I want!


These handmade bamboo cases from Blackbox look pretty. I want one for my iPad. Help these guys make this product a reality for everyone by supporting them on Kickstarter. More images here if you want to check it out.