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This is so ass-backwards. I just have no words for it. Why in the world would anyone want to stop the sale of an alternate-energy vehicle? Texas, I’m looking at you!


That’s it folks! As of today, Monday July 1, 2013, shark fin soup and all things shark fin related are officially banned in the state of California. The traditional Asian dish/delicacy was once reserved only for the super-rich, but has lately become a more regular staple in the Asian cuisine. What this increased demand has […]

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Other than the companies who may be losing money because of less super-sized sales (but probably aren’t losing money), I can’t see a reason why any normal citizen would be against this. Pretty proud of NYC right now for passing this.

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Casey Neistat made a video over at The New York Times to explain in much simpler terms the soda ban proposed by NYC. If you take anything away from this video, it’s that a lot of “regular-sized” drinks contain way more sugar than you think. UPDATED with video below.


I can’t independently confirm this, but GOOD reports that certain Chipotle locations in New York and New Jersey have begun to ban pennies by rounding down to the nearest 5 cents on purchases. I am all for this because honestly, the penny is so pointless.