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Pawdele – Digging in the Deep The title, a play on Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”, is really all you need to know to make the connection here. [via]


Luke Kelly made a hand-carved wood and steel flashlight combination that he’s funding on Kickstarter so he can make a limited run of these bad boys. He’s currently got 15 days left to go and though he’s already met his goal, this is your chance to jump in and get a limited edition hand-carved flashlight […]

Heh, I wonder if this was done in one setting or if this is just clever comping of separate videos.


I picked up these cool little wooden coasters (made in Spain!) today at Fishs Eddy. If you didn’t already know, they’re having a massive “sale for the 99%” at their NYC store. It’s quite amazing what you can find there.

This is genuinely stupid but so hilarious. Watch as a few guys try on a bark collar and then proceed to mimic a dog bark. Shocking (haha, I’m so clever with my words)!!