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My family had this VHS and me and my sisters watched this often. Pretty amusing to watch this again as an adult.

It’s Friday and I’m sitting in my office looking at speed-paintings of things. This painting of a dog named Barney looks so damn real. I’m impressed.

Growing up, there was a lot of Barney being played in the house. While most people remember one Barney (this one) I remember two — that one in the link I just posted and the one shown in the videos posted here. For years, I literally searched for proof of this other Barney’s existence and […]


Photo from here (click to enlarge) Any one of these costumes would suffice.


From now on, this is how I will imagine Barney the purple dinosaur. No, he’s not a person underneath. He’s a full-on grinning skeleton! I WANT!! UPDATE: It’s out now and available for $135!