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I really love the bats from Warstic and now it seems the company is pairing up with Coach New York to release a special line created by Warstic founder Ben Jenkins.

GIZMODO – Watch This Behind the Scenes Clip of The Dark Knight’s Bat from Gizmodo on Vimeo. Gizmodo just posted this video of some behind the scenes footage of a real life-sized Bat in the filming of The Dark Knight.

While other Batmobiles in existence are more or less regular cars underneath the shell, Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing went the next step and actually built one with a working jet turbine engine — just like the one in the movie.

SoundWorks Collection – The Sound and Music of The Dark Knight Rises from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. In the middle of this video, the sound designers break apart the sounds of the Bat. You won’t want to miss that.

One guy thought a bat would be a good scare tactic. Little did he know that he was cutting off a driver wielding a hathet. [via]