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Gizmodo just posted this video of a very simple way to drop-test Alkaline batteries. Based on the sound it makes (and sometimes based on whether it stands up), this can be a great and quick way to tell if a battery is dead or not.

This is the Turanor Planetsolar, a 5500-square-foot boat with photovoltaic cells powering 8-tons of lithium-ion batteries. It was the first boat to circumnavigate the globe on solar power and this summer it is being used as a scientific research vessel. How much does something like this cost? How about $17 million.


So those AmazonBasics AA batteries I posted about recently…they’re pretty cool. You can get some here. They aren’t anything special, except that they’re wrapped in Amazon packaging which I guess is sorta cool.


I don’t really believe that one brand of battery is better than another. I’m pretty certain almost all of them are made in the same fashion with different branding and packaging. Plus, batteries are so cheap nowadays that it’s better to just buy in bulk and change them often (if necessary). So it was a […]

Recently, Canon unveiled a new desktop prototype device called the Canon Cross Media Station that can wirelessly download images from particular Canon devices as well as charge them via conductive charging modules. Man, I’d love to see the day when I can download pics without taking the card out of my camera. I know technology […]