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Exciting news…I guess. You can download the Android/iPhone app here┬ábut you can’t technically use BBM until you get an email from them. So it’s really just a big waiting game.

When is RIM going to realize that BBM is not a killer app for their platform anymore? Also, what is “Miss Singapore Universe”? Makes no sense.

iMessage is the new messaging system that allows iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users to message each other and Redmond Pie is reporting that there’s a strong likelihood that it may be implemented in OS X Lion later on much like FaceTime. App concept designer Jan-Michael Cart has made this video above showing just how […]


Is this the signaling of BlackBerry’s realization that they no longer have a firm grasp on phone users simply because of BBM? BGR is reporting that RIM is thinking about releasing a BBM app for iOS and Android devices soon. If you know anybody who refuses to leave their BlackBerry device behind, one of the […]