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This is so insane. A cashier at a McDonald’s in Greenwich Village was caught on camera beating two customers with a metal rod who had jumped the counter to attack him. There are clearly no winners in this situation. [via] According to The New York Post: Rayon McIntosh, 31, of The Bronx — who in […]

A company called TransMedics is hoping to revolutionize heart transplants with a clear box which can support an actual beating heart without the need to keep the heart in a cold freezer box. One benefit to this is that the heart can be kept for more than 6 hours as it awaits the best possible […]

This morning, Good Morning America (ABC) aired a special exclusive interview with Rihanna about her relationship with Chris Brown and the physical abuse she suffered while dating him. This morning’s segment was a mere 5 minutes but it reveals a lot already about Rihanna’s thought patterns and how she didn’t even realize that she was […]

As Prolly says, this is very unnecessary. I mean, even if the pedestrian was wrong in harassing you on your bike, you don’t go beating him with your friggin’ U-lock. You’re on a bike. Just ride away. Shame on you, cyclist. I hope somebody finds you and turns you in.