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I like old Beetles. They have a distinct character to them that the modern Beetle just doesn’t have at all.

I didn’t really understand his explanation of how this car fosters learning in children (robotics…?), but it sure does look cool. Jalopnik says this car was based on a 1958 VW Beetle!


Rendered by RC82 Work Chop, this Bugatti Veyron circa 1945 never existed, but it sure would be a looker if it did. Why does it look familiar? Because it was inspired by the original VW Beetle and actually has historical roots linking the two car companies.

OLDER N’ FASTER // THE CALIFORNIA LOOK from Stephen Brooks FILMS on Vimeo. A short video by Stephen Brooks Films about the California Look which took 60s-era Volkswagen Beetles and souped them up in a way that made them powerful yet kept them simple on the outside.