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Remember Ben & Jerry’s Liz Lemon-inspired Greek Frozen Yogurt? It now has a Liz Lemon-inspired commercial to go along with it. Oh, how I miss thatĀ 30 Rock intro music!


Coming out this Spring, Ben & Jerry’s is releasing a lemon and blueberry flavor infused Greek yogurt inspired by the 30 Rock character Liz Lemon. A nice way to remember a fantastic show.


Afraid of somebody sneaking into the freezer and stealing a scoop of your beloved Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Fear not, for Ben & Jerry’s is here to save the day with their pint lock. Set that combo and go! [via]


Ben & Jerry’s, which has always been on the forefront of topical and relevant ice cream flavors for the times, has produced a Jeremy Lin-inspired ice cream flavor called “Taste The Lin-Sanity”. The flavor’s contents include lychee honey, vanilla frozen yogurt, and pieces of fortune cookies. Sounds pretty tasty to me! And while others are […]


Mockup by Jon DeFreest Vulture just posted this fake Ben & Jerry’s flavor made by Jon DeFreest as a tribute toTobias Funke inĀ Arrested Development. I Just Blue Myself!