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Something about this is so damn funny. Watch this video of a friend giving his friend a hard time with plenty of puns.

I know a bunch of people who could benefit a little from watching this video.


Photo: Cassidy Carson I’m from the city, so naturally most of the engagement sessions I see from friends take place in the city. And while each of them is beautiful on its own, I’ve always told myself that I’d prefer a non-city background for my own engagement photos (although, if I do end up taking […]


I’m leaning towards Ben’s version of The Hundreds’ Hoya sneaker. Sick colors and only a limited stock available. Get your pair here for $90. A couple of close-up shots here too if you want to see.


Ben sent over this video today of a small cameo that Doobybrain.com had in a video he made over 3 months ago about a trip to London that he took. Doobybrain cameo aside, I actually like this video. It’s very energetic and conveys a sense of pace that I always imagined London having in my […]

Ben of Peaceful Mayhem created this awesome Stomp-like song using just about anything he could tap and beat on in his empty school. He filmed it with a Canon 7D and it took about 1 month for him to film it all. Watch it because it’s cool.