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SPEECHLESS Trailer from PaulBriganti on Vimeo. Loved this video shared by Streeter about a guy who gets tasked with giving the toast/speech at his childhood friend’s wedding, only to find out that he doesn’t really have anything in common with them anymore. The short film was written and directed by Paul Briganti!


Sometimes I don’t even have a chance to write my own post title. But I assure you, this front page news article from Australia’s NT News from February is all real. And if you think the newspaper headline wasn’t good enough, here’s the headline for the related online article: Flying dong dings buck party goer.


I Love You, Man is an upcoming comedy about a man about to get married who realizes that he does not have a best male friend to call his “best man” because he has unconsciously (or accidentally?) made only female friends in his life. If there ever was a movie that represented my entire life […]

Worst Best Man Ever @ Yahoo! Video So I’m at my mom’s office and she comes over to me laughing hysterically and asks me if I want to see a funny video. So I say sure, and she opens up this page on Yahoo! Video of a home video of a guy’s wedding where the […]