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The Sweethome, a sister site of The Wirecutter, has spent 25 hours and nearly 19 man-hours researching all types of snow shovels on the market to definitively say that the Ames True Temper 18″ Ergonomic Mountain Mover is the best snow shovel around. When it comes to reviewing actual useful things, The Sweethome and The Wirecutter […]


DPReview just named the Fujifilm X100S one of the best cameras of 2013. I wholeheartedly agree. It’s been a long time since a camera that I’ve used has made me so excited about taking photos. Other than my iPhone, it’s basically the camera I use most often. So long DSLR days…


Etsy’s own blog sort of already does this, but it certainly helps to have an outsider’s point of view in searching for the best of what’s on Etsy. Think of it sort of like the opposite of Regretsy. Visit A Cut Above The Retsy now.


Wirecutter has just placed the DVR-027 at the top of its list for dash cams. In a market that is loaded with dash cam options, it’s nice to know that a reputable publication took their time to test a bunch of them. From the article, it sounds like the DVR-027 is the best affordable dash […]

In elementary school, I held the title for the best jump roper in my school. This girl is much better than me though. Also, I haven’t jump roped in a long time.

I’m glad Slacktory did this supercut because I always hate when this happens while I watch TV.