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Video of the last billet bar roll at the former Bethlehem Steel Lackawanna Plant

I haven’t gone through this whole hour-long video in full yet, but the fact that this exists online is wonderful. It’s a look at the very last billet bar roll being made at the now abandoned/closed Bethlehem Steel Lackawanna Plant. Let’s not forget that this is pretty good video quality for the times too — […]

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From 1989 to 1996, Joseph E. B. Elliott photographed Bethlehem Steel, a now defunct site in Pennsylvania that once produced much of the steel in the United States, and is putting out a book with his photos called The Steel: Photographs of the Bethlehem Steel Plant. PDN has posted some of the amazing photos of […]


This archive video from The Library of Congress Prelinger Archive explains in very great detail how the Golden Gate Bridge was built with Bethlehem Steel from Pennsylvania. The video includes archival footage and photographs of the bridge building process and it’s a delight to watch (if you’re into that sort of thing). The cable spinning […]

I’ve always wanted to go to Bethlehem Steel to check the place out. I understand a large portion of it has been torn down and is now the Sands Casino, but from what I hear, there’s still a sizable portion that’s just left standing from when the plant shut down in 1995.


Cinelan has a fabulous 3-minute short video about one man’s life and family history at Bethlehem Steel, once the nation’s 2nd-largest steel manufacturer. Watch the short video here and see how the magnificent steel structure has been torn down to make way for a new casino. If you want to see how Bethlehem Steel looked […]