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Is this for real? I can’t help but think that this is a huge joke on the general public. Do we really need Vessyl, a battery-powered “smart cup” that agreegates our calorie, sugar, and nutritional intake? I think real changes in a person’s health involve a fundamentally different approach to consumption that involves not waiting […]

With Jason Mraz singing in the background, this cute animation has a real and not so cheery message to it. Using polar bears, this music video shows what could happen to you, a human, if you consume too many sugary drinks. I’ve cut down on my sugary drink intake significantly in the last month mainly […]

I’ve always known Tanya Lam from her band Vulpes Vulpes, but I had no idea she was the Food and Beverage Manager at The Standard Grill. The Standard has posted a video interview with her where she talks about what it’s like living in NY, working at The Standard, and playing music. Visit her at […]

Brad Estabrooke of the Breukelen Distilling Company is featured in this wonderfully shot video from Director/Producer KEEF in the video series called Made By Hand about local crafts people and their creations. [via] The Breukelen Distilling Company is the first gin distiller in NYC since prohibition and Brad seems to have found some luck in […]


Photo: Herman Yung There’s a little Spanish restaurant in Philadelphia that sells Coke, Pepsi, and other drinks straight imported from Mexico. It’s hard to find imported versions of American drinks so I consider this pretty neat. They come naturally distressed via shipping. Cool, no?