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I haven’t played this game yet, but the sheer amount of surprises so far that I’ve heard from this single title is impressive.

I can directly relate my love for monster trucks to Bigfoot. Bigfoot was a giant blue Ford Ranger pickup that put Monster Truck rallys on the map. If you know nothing about monster trucks, you at least probably know Bigfoot. A bit of history about this glorious thing in the video above.


Let this be a lesson to you all: You can die pretending to be Bigfoot! A man in Montana met his untimely fate when he dressed in military camouflage known as a¬†Ghillie suit and roamed the streets trying to scare drivers into thinking they saw the elusive beast. His prank didn’t play out so well […]

WHHHAATTT THHHEEEE FFRRRIIICCKK? 10′ rims are cooooooooool!