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It turns out that genes play a big part in how big and muscular an individual can get. Lower levels of Myostatin in a person can mean more muscle mass.

This is similar to the Ebbinghaus Illusion in the sense that when we see the moon near the horizon as a giant sphere, it really is just the same size as the “smaller” moon we see when it is way up in the sky. It’s just that we have visual reference points closer to the […]


Bigger, rounder, and more comfortable to hold! Here are the new and larger Doobybrain mugs! If you are a lucky, you will get one! UPDATE: Yes, the logo is the old one and sadly, this will be the last batch made to look like this. Think of them as collector’s items once I get the […]


I started a photo Tumblr again. This time with bigger photos. The Fantastic Static name isn’t staying which is precisely why I’m not linking to it from there.