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Watch this video of Bill Rohan taking out the Citi Bike for some extreme cycling in the city.

No city is exactly like another, but if London’s bike share program is any proof that initial complaints are unfounded, well, then the future of NYC’s bike share program is going to be bright. People complain, that’s a given, but those complaints disappear when they realize that it was just unnecessary worry.

I think Frank is over-thinking this whole Citi Bike Share situation a bit too much. Having the city rent bikes near his bike store isn’t going to necessarily affect business I don’t think. I imagine the people who are looking to rent bikes from the Citi Bike Share program are not necessarily the same folks […]


Business Week lays down the details on the upcoming Citi Bike program launching this summer in NYC. According to the graphic, the bike is made so strong that it’s basically being called a two-wheeled tank. It can withstand more force than a car and it’s designed in such a way that there’s minimal welds on […]